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  • Level Transmitters

    Eagle Microsystems Process Controller

    The Eagle Microsystems UPC-1000 Universal Process Controller utilizes all digital electronics to provide high quality, low cost control for your process with a simple, user-friendly, menu driven, four pushbutton operator interface. 

    Upon ordering you will be contacted with an estimate based on your unique specifications. For immediate assistance, you may call 205-669-4535 or email

  • Level Transmitters

    Ultrasonic Level Sensor

    The Echo-Scale™ is the perfect chemical monitoring solution for large diameter tanks that cannot cost effectively be placed on a scale. Echo-Scale ultrasonic level sensors are ideal for monitoring sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, caustic and all other chemicals stored in bulk tanks or large day tanks at water and wastewater treatment plants.

    Upon ordering you will be contacted with an estimate based …

  • Flow Meters , Level Transmitters

    Water Level Indicator

    Contact of the electrode assembly with the water surface is indicated by an LED and the sound of the audio alert beeper. The Brass electrode assembly is 3/8” in diameter and is easily replaceable in the field. The cable is Two-Conductor, steel and copper plated, with a tensile strength of approximately 300 lbs and a tough plastic Type insulating jacket. …